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Entry #4

Projects and Studies

2010-01-30 06:59:21 by rboyz

K. I know I've promised some game and animation to some people.
I'm really doing them right now! :D
But I'm stuck with school and studies. Also I got an insomnia and feel really tired. But if I do a super study and have a 24-hour total sleep, I'll be able to graduate at march and finish my stuff on april!!

btw, here's sneak peek of my projects:

1. my first music animation.. the name is still secret. but the theme is about love and sadness..
2. "Defused", a game about defusing bombs and shooting bad guys. Kinda secret agent-themed. I think everybody will love it.
3 and 4..aren't really planned-well so no need for sneak peek bcuz they may not be finished 4ever..

ooh.. and I've made some games which are not absolutely crap. In fact, I am proud of them them :D I can't upload it here.. they were made exclusively for my site. Please visit fruslub [dot] com . thanks!

Regards, Rboyz


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2010-02-28 17:02:54

What song is the animation to?