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Projects and Studies

2010-01-30 06:59:21 by rboyz

K. I know I've promised some game and animation to some people.
I'm really doing them right now! :D
But I'm stuck with school and studies. Also I got an insomnia and feel really tired. But if I do a super study and have a 24-hour total sleep, I'll be able to graduate at march and finish my stuff on april!!

btw, here's sneak peek of my projects:

1. my first music animation.. the name is still secret. but the theme is about love and sadness..
2. "Defused", a game about defusing bombs and shooting bad guys. Kinda secret agent-themed. I think everybody will love it.
3 and 4..aren't really planned-well so no need for sneak peek bcuz they may not be finished 4ever..

ooh.. and I've made some games which are not absolutely crap. In fact, I am proud of them them :D I can't upload it here.. they were made exclusively for my site. Please visit fruslub [dot] com . thanks!

Regards, Rboyz

coming soon

2010-01-09 09:35:21 by rboyz

a game
a movie

Emoticons Update

2009-11-28 10:33:45 by rboyz

Hey guys at NG! I'm glad to announce that my site is no longer using free emoticons. Now I've made new ones myself XD
here's the site:
if you want to know more before exploring, read this entry

Emoticons Update

Sharing the Frustration

2009-11-21 23:04:03 by rboyz

Hey, thanks for reading this!

I just want to share my website, Frusclub! Another gaming and flash related communities. It's still new, but I want to make it popular as Newgrounds, Kongregate, Armor Games, etc.

I've made about 4 games or more and post it there. Maybe I will submit here some, later.

Please join my community, as it still new, maybe you can become expert or senior member in the future, and also take other advantage.

If you'd like to submit your creations there just embed it in an email to me, you can help me develop that community and you'll get a change to join the crew team. (see the instructions for submitting in the site)

Maybe I won't explain the features here because it's not and advertisement. You can visit the site to see the excitement and the frustrateness yourself.

Come, see, and join.

Sharing the Frustration